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Austria - Conference

Open to the public, Coface's annual Country Risk Conference brings together the knowledge and insight of French and international experts from the worlds of business, finance, politics and economic research.


Over the course of a full day, they decipher and debate the issues shaping global economics and geopolitics, as well as some of the major challenges facing tomorrow's world.Coface's ambition is to make economic expertise available to companies so that they are better able to manage risks on their domestic and international markets as part of their on-going investment and commercial development strategies.


Romania : Conference

This is a high-level conference organised by Coface in Romania to take stock of country and sector risks around the world.


Its ambition is to help those involved in economic life in making their exporting and investment decisions :

Throughout this day, economists from France and abroad, companies, bankers, and academics will :

  • take stock of the past year;
  • examine the major trends of the global economy;
  • and assess their possible impact on the situation of businesses.

28 may 2019
  • English
  • Français